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avail B2B GST database

Unlock Business Success with the Latest B2B GST Database for Smart Tax Compliance and Partner Verification.

Database will be with company name, director name, email phone turnover gst no full adress city

Database will be of gst holding companies
Database location –  Any preferred location

database count – 5000 leads

Database will be name of company, director name email id phone no, adress, gst no, turnover, email 2 no 2
Database will be in xl sheet


A Latest B2B GST database can be a valuable resource for businesses and professionals dealing with Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the B2B sector. Here are 10 points outlining its uses:

  1. Supplier Verification: Verify the GST registration status of suppliers and ensure compliance with tax regulations.
  2. Customer Screening: Verify the GST credentials of potential business customers to assess their reliability.
  3. Tax Compliance: Ensure accurate GST filing by accessing up-to-date tax rates, classifications, and compliance information.
  4. Market Research/ ad campaign Analyze market trends by studying GST data, including industry-specific tax rates and exemptions.
  5. Credit Assessment: Assess the creditworthiness of B2B clients based on their GST payment history and financial performance.
  6. Invoice Management: Streamline invoicing processes by validating GSTIN (GST Identification Number) details of both suppliers and customers.
  7. Supply Chain Optimization: Optimize the supply chain by identifying GST-compliant suppliers and distributors.
  8. Tax Planning: Plan tax strategies and optimize input tax credit by leveraging the latest GST database insights.
  9. Auditing and Compliance: Facilitate internal and external audits by maintaining accurate GST records and documentation.
  10. Business Expansion: Use GST data to identify new B2B markets and expansion opportunities based on tax regulations and business compliance.


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Latest B2B GST databaseLatest Company Directors Database
Original price was: Rs.3,999.00.Current price is: Rs.2,999.00.