A B2B sales lead is simply that person or company who has the potential to become a client. Knowing who has that potential starts with the B2B lead generation process of identifying your ideal customer database(ICP) and attracting them to your product or service.

Establishing your ICP is an essential activity for sales and marketing teams because it helps to generate high-quality B2B sales leads that may become future prospects. Once a sales development executive (SDR) identifies them as a good fit by a set of criteria, they can become a qualified B2B sales lead. 

There are many different types of leads out there that require diffrent approcah Even among the most interested in your services, not all will become buyers—and the reasons can be numerous.

But the goal is to attract the best leads and convert them into potential customers. To succeed, let’s first explore the difference between quantity vs. quality in B2B sales leads.

its all on the basis of your industry your are working for b2b lead generation is most easiet way to genrate leads and very b2b database ,gst database with the gst no of the firm

databse will be in xl sheet .total database points avaialaible are 28.5 lakh buissness database

which can be usefull any industry for lead generation and conversion of the clients

database is very important part of our sales now a days evry lead converison is through leads onlt

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