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India has the largest diaspora population which are people of Indian birth or descent who live outside the Republic of India. As per the Ministry of External Affairs Government of India report, there are approximately 30.8 Million Indians diaspora living outside the country. NRI is predominantly based in western countries in the service and the tertiary industry as well as in the Middle East. Remittances from NRI are responsible for generating GDP revenues, which is approximately 585.1 billion US dollars in 2016 World Bank Sources. NRI comprise of skilled workers as well as professionals.

NRI – Non-Resident Indians have currency advantage over Indians with excellent savings and will remain targeted customers by companies to sell Real Estate and Wealth Management Products. Furthermore, NRIs have been getting a lot of attention after many people started migrating and companies from abroad started hiring high skilled labor to support them. If your audience of customers is NRI we will help you in your marketing efforts with our Database NRI. You can be assured of the accurate database with high contact ability. NRI email database an accurate and excellent option for digital ads.

We help you avoid Hoax database traps our database is best in marketing for lead generation and targeted marketing efforts. We verify our database using the latest email servers and solutions available for you to achieve high sales targets. Our Database NRI will connect you with your NRI target audience, using our services you can conduct lead generation and achieve a return on Investment.


  •  TOTAL 64,983 database entries of NRI belonging to USA, UK, CANADA.
  • A database can be refined to target a particular country.
  • The database is updated on a frequent basis in order to improve its quality
  • The database is validated ideal for SMS Marketing and Email Marketing.

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