Latest Pan India CA Database


Data from 100% Trusted Sources

No-Risk and reliable data

90% Accurate data

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Pan India Chartered Accountant Database

Database Consists of Company name, ca name, number , email id, address with pincode.

Total – 50000 Database

Accuracy above 95%

Database is in Downloadable Excel File Format.

Pan India CA Database

  1. Certificate Issuance and Management: The CA database is primarily used for issuing, revoking, and managing digital certificates that are essential for establishing secure communication over networks.
  2. Secure Web Transactions: CA databases are crucial for the issuance of SSL/TLS certificates, enabling secure connections between web browsers and servers, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity during online transactions.
  3. User Authentication: CA databases play a vital role in user authentication, allowing users to prove their identities electronically when accessing secure systems, applications, or online services.
  4. Secure Email Communication: Digital certificates from a CA database can be used to encrypt and digitally sign emails, enhancing the security and authenticity of electronic communication.
  5. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): CA databases provide certificates necessary for setting up secure VPN connections, ensuring encrypted and authenticated communication between remote networks.
  6. Code Signing: Software developers use CA-issued certificates to sign their code, assuring users that the software has not been tampered with and comes from a trusted source.
  7. Secure Device Management: CA certificates enable secure device authentication and management, allowing organizations to ensure the integrity and authenticity of connected devices in networks.
  8. Document Signing and Encryption: CA certificates can be used to sign and encrypt electronic documents, verifying the source of the document and protecting its contents from unauthorized access.
  9. IoT Security: In the Internet of Things (IoT), CA certificates are employed to establish secure connections and communications between IoT devices, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches.
  10. Enterprise Security: Organizations use CA databases for internal security purposes, such as issuing employee authentication certificates, securing internal systems, and controlling access to sensitive data.


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Pan India CA DatabaseLatest Pan India CA Database